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A creative writing site that enable writers, inspiring writers or even just fans of TV shows, web series & movies etc, to author their own works or create stories for fun as a recreational activity, a storytellers guide platform that help writers & inspiring writers to form original ideas to create original characters, stories & worlds.

Story Forms

3 Step Story Form | 5 Step Story Form                                              

Story Tasks

Story Album | Flash Fiction | What If Stories |             Movie Remix                      

Cinematic Formula

Character Idea Formula | Setting Idea Formula | 3 Page Story Formula                         

Cinematic Universes

      Setting Universe Universe Remix | Story Universe | Story Universe                 

What Is A Writer's Block? Brainstorm & Ended Here

What's Trending IN The World OF Cinematic Convention

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Future Story Layouts

Pre Movie Story (layout) | Social Media Post (layout) | Song Layout | Business Layout | Post Movie Story (layout)

Story Form = Story Idea, Story Plan, Story Write. Cinematic Formula = Premise. Outline. Script. Layout Options = Concept. Plan. Write.